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At the Fate of the Tidal Mouth (2022)

At the Fate of the Tidal Mouth (2022) is ​an experimental sound and digital art collaboration with R. L. Wilson that will show as part of The Coro Arts ‘Incredible Journeys’ exhibition from Thursdays-Sundays, 5-26 August 2022, 10am-5pm and The Krankenhaus Festival at Muncaster Castle 26th – 29th of August 2022.


The work explores and examines themes of wildlife, memory and time, whilst evoking the genius loci of an old warden's hut at Drigg Sand Dunes. 


Drigg has the largest sand dune system in Cumbria and this installation is the result of a series of research studies and field trips to the area undertaken by artist/filmmakers R. L. Wilson and Laurence Campbell.


Inspired by and continuing the work of naturalists, scientists and artists who have previously explored the dunes, the centrepiece of this installation is an experimental film that documents fragments of natural happenings and examines the dislocated journeys of those who came before. 


The camera roves in an unconscious, dream-like state, utilising obsolete digital formats to capture and assemble differing perception of time, while the guiding soundtrack delivers an ethereal sense of place and journey.


The exhibition is bolstered by various ephemera and found objects gathered by the artists during their research and encounters within the landscapes. The objects are curated to enhance the immersive experience of the visitor and summon a connective, emotional response to the cyclical lives specifically of humans, insects and migratory birds of the area.

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