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DRIFTLINE (2022) 2
DRIFTLINE (2022) 3



Driftline is a series of short films by Laurence Campbell and Tom James Scott. Shot on and around The Islands of Furness, the works exist somewhere between documentary, fiction and nature film.

Based on a series of conversations, location walks and sound recordings that took place in the autumn/winter of 2020, the films explore how the landscape and it’s people are shaped by water. Structures, objects, animals and humans haunt the coastlines of the Furness Peninsula, leaving behind decaying remnants of the past amidst an ever changing landscape subjected to frequent downpours of rain, rolling sea mists and ceaselessly shifting tides. 

The work was filmed using a selection of handmade/adapted lenses built from scavenged glass in an attempt to imbue the images with a dreamlike quality, reflecting the artists’ shared sense of loneliness and isolation when traversing the various locations featured in the films. After having gathered many hours of footage and sound, the material was instinctively edited and refined into a series of experimental shorts exploring impermanence, separation and loss. 

Photography and editing: Laurence Campbell
Sound recording: Tom James Scott and Laurence Campbell
Music: Tom James Scott
Words: Laurence Campbell and Tom James Scott
Voice: Nina Bosnic

The films were commissioned by Full of Noises Art and New Music as part of their 2021/22 festival.

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