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Sing to Encounter Me

Sing to Encounter Me

Sing to Encounter Me is an experimental film shot on and around The Duddon Estuary in Cumbria. Whilst the project deals with themes of isolation and shifting time, it also documents and celebrates the Duddon Inshore Rescue organisation and the difficulties of the job that they undertake. 

On the one hand, the film is a ghost story, glimpsing into the past through the dreamlike heathlands of Askam-in-Furness. On the other, it examines the natural details of the ever changing sands and how a place can be defined by extreme tidal waters.  

This film was developed as part of the Unpublished Tour arts and literature event which is funded by the Arts Council National Lottery Projects Grant, working with local communities and partner organisations around the Duddon estuary.

Official selection for The Osprey Short Film Awards 2022

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